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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cover art for "Slouching in the Path of a Comet"

Check out the cover for Mike Dockins' forthcoming book Slouching in the Path of a Comet. Thanks to designer Jon Fetsch for a great job.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Forthcoming books from Sage Hill Press

• Slouching in the Path of a Comet, the debut collection from Mike Dockins

As you read his debut collection, you will begin to think that Mike Dockins has sprung forth, fully formed, from the forehead of some magnificent poetry deity. His poems rise from the page as though they’ve always existed, but we now see them for what they are: no longer dull hunks of language, but beautifully sculpted figures that form our own lives. He gracefully utilizes the daunting double-abecedarian, does a few reps with 100-pound prose poems, and reminds us that free verse can be surprising, potent, and viable in the hands of a skilled practitioner. Smart, funny, and beautifully lyric at the most unexpected moments, Mike Dockins is a writer whose work we will anticipate for years to come.

Advance praise for Dockins’ work:

“Mike Dockins has some serious chops, folks. These poems are properly irreverent, word- (and the sounds thereof) drunk, burning with rage, burning with tenderness, every atom of his imagination alert, i.e., he's a high octane young poet determined to make language matter. He does. He surely does.”
~Thomas Lux

“Mike Dockins’ poems zoom effortlessly from gorgeous wide-angle shots to poignant close-ups. His irreverence is touching, his sincerity is peppered with a dark and delicious humor. These are poems of the self in the world and the world in the self. Dockins' debut is stylish, smart, and full of heart.”
~Denise Duhamel

Due out February 2007. Join us at AWP Atlanta for a release party and book signing.

• 100 Poetry Exercises
From the (web) pages of the journal Redactions: Poetry and Poetics, 100 smart, funny, bold, exciting exercises meant to inspire, flagellate, and otherwise stimulate your poetic faculties. For writers and students of writing. Get your muse on.

Edited by Tom Holmes, Mike Dockins, and Michelle Bonzcek

Loving praise for 100 Exercises

“Pilgrims, what's not to love about this wacky cubist text — begin reading anywhere — that wants to make poetry fun again, that tells us to work an owl into any old poem, that describes the Pintist movement as a possible cyclic beginning point, that cajoles us toward exercises that might enable us to write poems that are "most cool"? For batter or verse, there's no other creative writing romp as off-the-wall & semi-schizoid as this one. Plunk down your dough & you'll be baking poems in the margins of Tom Holmes' mind, & you'll be happier for it.”

~William Heyen
National Book Award Finalist
Shoah Train: Poems (Etruscan P, 2003).

“If Dickinson had bumped into Whitman at Pfaff’s, and tippled a few too many, she’d need this book to get back on track. If M. Proust had torn down all those corks, and started breaking his serpentine lines into verse, this book, translated into French, would be a fine DYI manual. If Mandlestam had the energy to march his way into one more bone-wringing elegy, this collection of high-wire assignments would help him get it done. If Beckett had written a textbook on poetry, then chucked the thing into the Liffey, and Uncle Seamus had pulled it out years later and dried it by the turf fire, it might look something like this. And so I say to poets, far and near, living and dead, Tom Holmes' Poetry Assignements will rattle your lyrical cages. It will make your Muses rise up, dervish-like, and whirl. It will unhinge and unjamb the hinges and doors of your lyrical houses, jostling the speed bumps on your iambic roads. It’ll get you writing in ways you didn’t even know you didn’t know before you knew them. And best of all, it may put all those fancy-pants MFA programs out of business for good! So make your assignations with these assignments and go forth and write.”

~The ghost of Baudelaire, conjured by James Merrill’s Ouija Board

“For a while now co-editor Tom Holmes has been posting poetry assignments on the Redactions: Poetry & Poetics journal's website I liked that, yes, but would rather have a book.

“Presto! Inside these covers, you'll find those assignments — 100 kick-starts, nudges, ally-oops, particle colliders, and so on — all offered up as ways to help you generate drafts. And what more could you ask for? A hundred formulas? A hundred how-to's? I hope not. What I mean is this book is a time-saver not a short cut; there's a difference. What I mean is, for the last fifteen years, without knowing it, I've used versions of twenty of these. If I'd had this book all along, I might have saved some time. You can too. Assign it to your workshop students. Get it for yourself, and dig in. It's a good book, written like a good conversation. And it's useful. Like a corkscrew. Like a fork.”

~Rob Carney